All Prospect Hill Students have the right to:
  • A safe, secure, and happy learning environment
  • Be treated fairly with respect and not be treated differently because of who they are
  • Feel important and feel a sense of belonging
  • Learn to the best of their ability
  • A school environment that is clean and attractive

Students are expected to accept responsibility in the following areas:

I.     Respect for Themselves and Each Other by:

  • Not participating in bullying of any kind
  • Treating all students with respect and acceptance
  • Showing a positive attitude
  • Allowing others to speak without interruption or comment
  • Listening carefully to others
  • Treating personal property, school property, and the property of others with respect
  • Using appropriate language with peers and adults

II.   Good School Citizenship by:

  • Knowing what needs to be done and actually doing it
  • Following established school and classroom rules
  • Understanding and accepting the consequences for not following school rules
  • Solving problems with words, not physically touching another person

III. Academic Achievement by:

  • Listening attentively during instruction
  • Understanding all directions and expectations
  • Completing home and class assignments to the best of their ability and on time
  • Seeking help and asking appropriate questions when they don’t understand
  • Looking over all work and checking it carefully
  • Handing in work that they are proud of and reflects their best work
  • Finding out about work that was missed due to absence, lateness, or for any reason