Please review the following guidelines for traffic safety and review them with your children. 

Do not let your children get out of the car and immediately cross the street. Have them cross only at a crosswalk. This is a problem especially on Clay Avenue, where it is not uncommon for drivers to have to come to a sudden stop as children step out from behind a car.  Parents and children may not use the semi-circular drive entrance in the morning.  This area is reserved for buses and children have been observed without adult supervision walking around the buses to enter school.  This is extremely unsafe and all parents are asked to have this conversation with their children.

Do not double park. Do not park between the "No Parking" signs.

To help you better keep these rules in mind, we have asked the Pelham Manor Police Department to become more active in issuing tickets.  No one likes tickets. But we like far less the potential consequences of not acting as safely as possible.

If you have questions, or suggestions about how to make drop-off and pick-up safer, please contact us.

John Pachuta and Courtney Campbell

Co-Chairs, PTA Health & Safety